Mark’s Trip to Vietnam – Part 3

Here’s another part of Mark’s trip to Vietnam.  In this part, I talk about going to Saigon for more cooking; Hoi An, a beautiful city and also fishing in Vietnam.

Back to Saigon

We had another fantastic cooking class where we purchased all ingredients from the local markets and took them back and prepared them for our own tea.

This was one of my favourite recipes:

Clay Pot Fish Recipe

Clay Pot Fish Recipe


Mark's tomato carving

Mark’s tomato carving


Masterchef, eat your heart out!

Masterchef, eat your heart out!

We took a short flight from Saigon to Da Nang (an hour and 10 minutes) and then it was a short drive to Hoi An. There were large hotels being constructed along the beach, which makes me a little sad.  I hope that this country can cope with all the tourists!

Arriving into Hoi An was like a breath of fresh air. But boys, I warn you not to bring your girlfriends or wives here, because it will cost you!! There are over 2000 tailors and cobblers who will make dresses and shoes of any size or design, in one day!


Clothes and shoes, custom-made for you in one day!!


I had a blowout in my good shoes (around $200AUD) and had them copied and made in one day for only $70AUD!!


Out with the old and in with the new for only $70AUD!!

Hoi An is a must–stay destination for at least a week.  Great food destination (a secret garden).

Vendors in Hoi An

Vendors in Hoi An

Vendors work until late I the night

Vendors working until late in the night

The Cooking School in Hoi An was a real highlight.  We went to local market garden and purchased our ingredients, before we started cooking.  We also met a lovely old lady who’s 72. She has been tending to the same crops for over 50 years.


Can you believe this lady to my right is 72? Unreal!

I gave her a hand which was, believe you me, very very hard work and she does it twice a day!!

The hotel in Hoi An was excellent and the customer service in the whole of Hoi An was something that we can definitely do with in Australia, at times.

The food is different in all parts of Vietnam.  So far, we have done 4 classes from buying local produce at different markets.  The store owners are all the same as they try the hard sell, but great fresh veggies and live seafood though!

Great fresh veggies...

Great fresh veggies…

I have been enjoying the cooking classes.  They have been a great stress relief, and I now have several recipes that consist of lots of chillies and fresh herbs under my belt. I still cannot stand coriander 😀

Chef: "So in this next recipe, the main ingredient is coriander" Mark: "eurghghghgh"

Chef: “So in this next recipe, the main ingredient is coriander”
Mark: “Wah?!?!?!?!”

Made with the freshest ingredients

Made with the freshest ingredients

We spent a day fishing at Hoi An which was a great day.  We had to catch our own lunch.  The fisherman we went with, were told by Darren that I was a fisherman back in Australia and as a result, they treated me very special. They made me a crown out of a coconut branch, and would rub my belly and call me ‘Lucky Buddha’.  Note to self: I need to lose some weight when I get home.

Hail King Mark, lord of Debbie's Seafood

Hail King Mark, Lord Commander of Debbie’s Seafood


Lucky Buddha!

The method of fishing is very different to Australia, but it does the job.   This video gives you a little insight:



Fishing in Vietnam is very different to Australia

I have eaten some wonderful squid and Spanish Mackerel and Prawns in Hoi An which I had prepared for by myself.

I’d be very sad to leave Hoi An.  Tomorrow is a 2 hour drive to Hue.  I have been told it is a very nice place.


Local Fisherman


Mark, fishing with friends and yes, he has got some friends 🙂

See you in part 4 of my Vietnam Trip!


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