Mark’s Trip to Vietnam

Mark is currently in Vietnam for a fishing Conference with his friend Darren.

On arriving at Vietnam, this is what he had to say on his first day there:

Vietfish was unreal – the work that they put into this event is a credit to the Fishing and Seafood Industries and Government.

Vietfish 2016 Seafood Conference

Vietfish 2016 Seafood Conference


Darren and Mark at Vietfish 2016


My first day in Vietnam: I am a bit lost for words. It was a huge culture shock. In amongst the chaos, things happen; work gets done! 


In amongst the chaos, things happen; work gets done!

I had a great flight over and had a good sleep on the plane.  There are10 million people in Saigon and 9 million motorbikes!

Holy moley!  It is amazing how smooth traffic flows without traffic lights or rules!!

Traffic flows without traffic lights on rules

Traffic flows smoothly without traffic lights or rules

We went on an 1 hour ride on the back of a scooter. It  was a little bit scary at first but ended up loving it.  It was the highlight so far. 


Going for a ride on a scooter. Hmmm…where do I sit? 🙂

The service here is very good.  We could get some great skills from the staff over here. 

We are heading to Mekong Delta to look at a fish farm and will try to write more over coming days. Will try and send some photos. 

Mark the Chef

Mark the Chef


Mark with Chef at a Saigon Cooking Class


Having a great adventure. Missing everyone. Mark. 

You can read about my next ventures in Mark’s Trip to Vietnam, Part Two.


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