More from our meeting with Julieanne Gilbert MP yesterday

Yesterday we met with the Right Hon. Julieanne Gilbert MP for Mackay.  We raised our concerns on how the proposed ban on commercial net fishing would affect the local economy; the local businesses, how it will also affect our staff and their families and just as importantly our customers who come to our shop or other business like ours to buy their local fresh seafood.

The Right Hon Julieanne Gilbert MP

The Right Hon. Julieanne Gilbert MP for Mackay


We showed Julieanne the map of the area for the proposed ban; which shows the green zones and the yellow zones which are  already no-go zones for commercial fisheries except when we are harvesting for bait.  The proposed area for the ban is the blue area on the top left, at St. Helen’s Bay, through to the creeks at Seaforth right down to the Ball Bay at Cape Hillsborough, in the bottom right.


Map of Existing Green and Yellow Zones, with Proposed Area for Commercial Net Fishing Ban


If our commercial fishermen are unable to fish these areas, this will have a drastic effect on the amount of Barramundi, Mullet, King and Blue Salmon etc. that we can provide to our customers, we explained.  We also showed Julianne the large amount of support we have had on Social Media and on the ground with signatures and comments on the petition we have had running for just a couple of weeks so far.


Julieanne was extremely generous with her time and showed a genuine interest to our concerns. We believe that she has now heard both sides to the story.  We left the meeting positive; and felt we had a fair hearing.  We want to thank Julianne Gilbert for meeting with us and hope that there is a workable solution in the very near future.


You can sign our petition, by clicking on this link:

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For more information on how a ban on net fishing affects you, click here:


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